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Struggling with foot problems? Solescape shoes provides the best footwear you’ll ever need.

Solescape’s purpose is to ensure all women gets to feel great even when they are facing foot related issues by creating orthotics shoes in Singapore. Comfort and quality being two of the main aspects of our products. Finding footwear that provides maximum support while staying trendy and versatile is now possible. Learn more about our orthotics shoes in Singapore by reading on.

Meet the Shiori

The Shiori is a beautifully handcrafted leather shoe aimed at providing your ankle with maximum support. Featuring recommended requirements by the American Podiatric Medical Association. The leather insoles are removable to fit most modern custom-made orthotics shoes. Best of all, it is available in three different trademarked widths, Min® the More® and the Most®. Our Shiori promotes comfortable footwear that supports foot related problems. The perfect pair of shoes for the office, after hours and events, the Shiori supports your every step of the way while you stay winning at work and in everything thing you do.

Meet the Miku

The Miku is the only sandal in Singapore that supports your heel, and your forefoot for optimal foot function providing all users footwear with comfort and style. The Miku not only protects but hides bunions and provides medium ankle support reducing pressure on your feet. The Miku Footbed can be enhanced for further foot support if needed, find out more about our fitting studios by clicking here. Beautiful while versatile, the Miku provides ample support for individuals with foot problems and for comfortable walking wherever you are, even on a weekend in town!

Meet the Lisa

Gorgeous soft leather slip-on shoes with Solescape heel cup stability features. Unique toe box design to enhance big toe function. Available in two signature widths.

Meet the Fran

Combining a sports shoe with a sandal will keep you walking for longer with greater cushioning. Removal innersole allows you to fit your own orthotics. Plush genuine leather with Solescape’s ankle support system.

Meet the Dharma

Minimalist flats with sturdy ankle support. Premium genuine leather upper in two widths. Simple. Supportive. Sweet.

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