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Suffering from arch pain when walking and running? The problem is that you might not be wearing appropriate shoes! Shoppers suffering from arch pains should buy arch support shoes .If you’re in Singapore , check out our homegrown brand Solescape. Known for creating health shoes to support walking, and moving easier for people suffering from arch pains, Solescape offers effective solutions to support the arches of one’s feet. Find out more about some of the common causes of arch pain, and the support Solescape provides.

Causes of Arch Pain

Arch pain and discomfort at the arch of the foot can occur due to a variety of factors including (but not limited to):

• Stress fractures

• Ligament injuries

• Tendonitis

• Plantar fasciitis

Some arch pains might not require immediate medical attention. However, it can affect one’s physique and mobility, arch pains can prolong without treatment, or wearing arch support shoes. This can also lead to other signs of foot problems in the future. If you are looking for an online store in Singapore that provides shoes with high arch support while staying trendy and fashionable, you have arrived at your destination. Want to try them on? Our fitting studios are located in Singapore & Malaysia as well.

Orthotic-Friendly Shoes for A Variety of Foot Issues

Solescape shoes provide the best support possible for people who suffers from arch pain – orthotic-friendly shoes that aim to provide maximum comfort for various foot-related problems. Solescape delivers the support you need based on 18 years of clinical work and 2 years of research and development.

Here at Solescape, we have 2 collections of arch support shoes in Singapore, this includes the Shiori and the Miku.

The best part is that our collection of arch support shoes not only specialises in supporting individuals with foot pain. They are also fashionable, versatile and pair well with any work or leisure outfits in Singapore.

Let’s put it this way, our shoes makes you feel your best self with maximum support, comfort and style. Go ahead, experience it for yourself!

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