Comfortable and Pretty Shoes for Big Feet in Singapore

There are myriads of health shoes in the market, and shopping for them can be challenging for people with big feet. The widths of many fashionable and high-end shoes can be tight and painful for people with big feet. The restraint implemented on the movements of the feet causes pain, sometimes so excruciating it bleeds!

Here at Solescape, we provide shoes for shoppers with big feet. One can can enjoy stylish and comfortable footwear that is also versatile. Our fitting studios in Singapore and Malaysia, allow you to try the ranges of sandals and shoes for big feet. Read on to find out more about our orthotic-friendly footwear in Singapore now.

Different Widths to Help You Feel Your Best

Solescape has created three different widths based on 18 years of clinical work and 2 years of research and development, accommodating narrow to wide feet. Solescape aspires to make orthotic-friendly and well-fitting footwear accessible for all by creating footwear with various widths to fit all foot types.

The Min® is designed for narrow to average width type feet. This foot is easy going and gets along with most shoes.

The More® is designed for a foot that is slightly wider than most. This foot has always wanted just a little more room than what the average width has been offering. Now it can!

The Most® is designed for a foot that is very demanding and likes freedom and wide-open spaces. This foot finds most closed shoes restrictive and uncomfortable. Do not be alarmed by the size of The Most® it is the widest width Solescape provides on our website and in our fitting studios. The increase of sufficient room space does not disfigure the original shape of the shoes, as the original slender design still remains intact for people with big feet. Too good to be true? Come on down to the fitting studios to try them on.

To try out the different widths and find the best width that fits your feet, please head over to our fitting studios.

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