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Looking for shoes for people with bunions? Solescape is your go-to footwear guru. Our orthotic-friendly shoes, are comfortable for shoppers who suffers from bunions. Solescape shoes keep your feet comfortable with its trademark minimalistic designs when you are on the move. Browse our lookbook collection, or visit one of their fitting studios at Serene Centre in Singapore today!

What are Bunions?

Bunions are the protruding curvature that your big toe joint makes, when a few muscle exerts a force onto the big toe. Resulting in a deformity of the metatarsophalangeal (MTP) the joint below the big toe. Bunions can cause a variety of issues for individuals suffering with from it, wearing shoes can be uncomfortable, and walking can be painful. Without proper treatment, bunions can also decrease mobility in the toes, leading to calluses along with other problems in the future if not treated carefully.

Shoes for People with Bunions

Treatments, however, starts with wearing bunion-friendly shoes. Solescape, a Singaporean homegrown company with fitting studios in Singapore and Malaysia, providing extra-wide women’s shoes for bunions. Aimed at relieving pain and discomfort caused by bunions, Solescape shoes comes in all sizes with various widths for shoppers who have bunions, enabling options of footwear that helps increases comfort in walking.

Our trademarked widths the Min® the More® and the Most® increases the base widths & the upper layers of our shoes to fit you perfectly as it covers and supports wide feet and bunions while preventing any foot injuries or shoe deformity. Solescape provides comfortable shoes that have more space for the feet, bunion sufferers can enjoy comfortable footwear. Other brands increase the upper layer only but keep the base the same. This causes some damages over time since the toe joints rest on the edge of the base picture below.

Besides, our shoes for bunion feet are extremely versatile and pairs well with any work or weekend outfit.

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