Treating Corns on the Bottom of the Feet with Specialized Footwear

Corns are small patches of thickened, dead skin with a packed center. They can occur in between toes, and other areas of the feet that does not bear much weight. They can be painful when pressure is applied, creating difficulties in movements for any individual.

Corns are caused by ill-fitted shoes and incorrect walking posture. Shoes that are too small creates pressure on your toes, and shoes that are too big won’t give you enough support. Rubbing or applying pressure on corns can also lead to infections.

If you deal with corns, it’s important to use specialized footwear in treating corns on the bottom of the feet.

Footwear that Supports Good Health

Based on 18 years of clinical work and 2 years of research and development. Solescape provides the best comfort and support for any foot conditions you have. Our mission is to prevent the development of pathology by keeping the individual healthy instead of waiting for problems to occur. At Solescape, we believe treating corns on the bottom of the feet starts with the right footwear.

Equipped with our unique Hind3+ technology, Solescape provides maximum stability to help all our customers feel their best.

Comfortable and professionally fitted footwear can assist various orthopedic issues. Treating corns on the bottom of the feet is just one of them. Solescape shoes support individuals with bunions and wide feet amongst other foot-related concerns.

Solescape shoes are perfect for office and a weekend outfit. Our minimalist designs are versatile and trendy while prioritising comfort and care.

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