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According to Orthobullets, an educational platform for orthopedic surgeons, claw toes are common toe deformities characterized by MTP hyperextension. Typically, it involves multiple toes and is often bilateral. Orthobullets also highlights 3 classifications of claw toes, namely: claw toe, hammertoe and mallet toe.

Claw toes can cause the tendons of one’s toes to contract and tighten. Claw toes also cause the toes to bent downwards permanently. This condition can result in painful corns and/or calluses that makes walking uncomfortable and painful.

To solve this problem, the team at Solescape believes that if you can prevent it from happening you wouldn’t need a cure. As consultants treating foot pain, we essentially wait for an individual to become a patient so that we can treat them. Why not prevent the development of pathology by keeping the individual healthy instead of waiting for problems to occur?

Sensible Shoes for Claw Toes

Claw toes have been linked to wearing inappropriate shoes causing trauma, and abnormal balance of the toe muscles.

To prevent the development of claw toes, it is crucial for you to wear sensible shoes with proper orthotic support to accommodate the shape of your foot. Wearing appropriate shoes help to prevent claw toes, and help to improve overall walking experience and support other foot-related issues.

If you are looking for comfortable sandals for hammertoes that are aesthetically appealing, stop looking elsewhere as Solescape provides the best footwear options you can find, prioritising care and comfort.

Some of our key features for comfortable sandals for hammertoes, the Miku, includes:

• Maximum stability with our unique Hind3+ technology

• Customizable foot-bed for extra support

• Minimalist design that goes perfectly with any outfit

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