Stylish but Effective Shoes for Heel Pain

Not getting enough heel support? Getting pain in your heels?

Common Causes of Heel Pain

Heel pain is a result of inflicted pressure or stress on the foot. In most cases it can be extremely painful, deteriorating without proper treatment. Heel pain affects countless individuals in Singapore and other countries. Other common causes of heel pain can include sprains, strains and fractures.
Solescape‘s shoes provide maximum support for heel pain by creating their unique trademarked shoe technology. Continue reading about our unique technology below.


Our Heel Cup technology, Hind3+ creates an extended Heel Cup that covers the entire heel bone, providing superior ankle stability. This design prevents the shoe from running out of the shank to mitigate discomfort at the heels. Other brands have short or almost no Heel Cup making the foot prone to sprains and instability. Therefore, Solescape’s shoes for heel pain uses Hind3+ technology providing maximum support for ankles when you are walking and standing for longer hours. It reduces the risks of sprains, or strains at the heels and ankles.
With Solescape’s shoes for heel pain there are other features that makes Solescape’s shoes special such as the different widths to accommodate wide to narrow feet, getting to places and moving for hours has never been more comfortable.
Aside from being the best solution for heel pain treatment in Singapore, Solescape also provides shoes that are trendy and fashionable. One of our shoe models, the Shiori comes in a variety of colours with minimalistic designs. Click here to view our lookbook.
Our collections are perfect for the office, work and even outings. Solescape shoes protect your feet from injuries and support any foot related problems as you go about your day.

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