Best Work Shoes of Morton’s Neuroma

Looking for the best work shoes for neuroma? Solescape provides orthotic-friendly shoes that assist and support foot-related issues ensuring all users feels their best. Find out more about the foot support you need by reading on.

Why is Foot Support Important?

Not only is it important for one to look their best at work, they should also be comfortable moving about.

While the majority of foot problems seen by doctors are related to genetic structure, footwear plays a major role. Excluding sportswear, women’s shoes do not take into consideration the immense variation in shape, size, and function of the human foot. As a result, women are forced to wear shoes that decreases foot function instead of optimizing it. This is the leading cause of foot pain.

Morton’s neuroma is a common foot condition that causes pain at the ball of one’s foot, occurring between the third and fourth toes. Wearing inappropriate footwear can lead to the development of inflammation and other injuries affecting the nerves in the toes.

Solescape’s Solution

Solescape provides the best work shoes for neuroma. Our shoes were created to assist and support common foot problems like Morton’s neuroma using our smart orthotic technology backed with over 18 years of professional clinical work experience, with 2 years of research and development.

Solescape uses their unique heel Cup technology, Hind3+, to provide support for individuals suffering from neuroma. Depending on the heel cup of any shoes, an extended heel cup provides maximum support and coverage for your ankle by covering the entire heel bone. However, minimum or almost no heel cup causes instability and harm to your foot with possible ankle sprains that could even lead to torn ligaments.

Besides providing support, Solescape has the best work shoes for Morton’s neuroma as our shoes are comfortable and supports foot-related issues. We want you to feel and look your best.

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